The extend a chime

If only we would have a doorbell that rings simultaneously in multiple locations. Multi floor home owners have always looked for added functionalities that improve the scalability of a doorbell. Here it is. The ‘extend a chime’ as the name suggests is an extension for both wired as well as wireless doorbells. You can now hear your doorbell even on the second floor or at the farthest end of your backyard. No more missing visitors because of not being able to hear your doorbell. Extend a chimes doorbell extenders are easy to install and use. They can even bring in a whole new set of features to your existing doorbell installation.


The most important feature of the ‘extend a chime’ is its ability to fit in with any wired or wireless doorbell installation (depends on the model). It has transmitters which connect to the low voltage screws of the doorbell. Connections are extremely easy. All that you need to do is plug in the receiver to an electrical outlet and you are all set to roll. The ‘extend a chime’ takes your doorbell to places where the sound would have never reached before. The best part is that they are completely customizable. You can adjust the volume, select different chimes for different doors, choose from as many as 13 different tunes with an option to add more and most models come with a five year warranty.

You can also choose a plug-in extend a chime or a battery powered one.

Wow! They must be expensive.

Not really. Depending on the brand, the model and the make of your doorbell, you can buy an ‘extend a chime’ from $20 to $70. Most basic models sell for under $20. Advanced models cost more as they offer more in terms of features.

Things to know

‘Extend a chimes are expendable assets. However, there are a few things that you need to know before making a purchase. Different models have a different operation range (in terms of distance). Some models might perform well to a distance of up to 150 feet whilst other basic models only perform up to a distance of 100 feet. Another point worth mentioning is that while most models are compatible with all doorbell models, some extend a chimes might not perform well with doorbells that have a diode in them or doorbells with a lighted push button. So it is recommended that you always speak to the retailer or dealer to know more about the specifications and limitations of an ‘extend a chime’.

The Plug-in extend a chime is the second name for flexibility. It turns your ordinary wired doorbell installation into a long range doorbell without breaking your bank in the process. Yes, cost effective but efficient, the RC3200 also enhances the functionalities of your wired doorbell installation. It is extremely easy to install and simple to use. Plug it in and your doorbell can now be heard in all parts of your home.


Works on all transformer voltages 8 - 24 volts
Different sounds for front and back doors
Use with existing wired doorbell
2 1/4" speaker provides excellent sound
Adjustable volume control
32 changeable codes prevent interference
Thirteen sound options set at button: Click on tune to hear sound. These quality sounds and options are only available on selected models of Thomas & Betts, Carlon Chimes.
Operating range: up to 150 ft
Five year warranty


This plug-in extend a chime expands your wireless doorbell. Isn’t that cool? And you do not need to do anything to get it working. A 100V electrical outlet is all that you need. Its compatibility with a range of doorbell models is what makes it a must have especially for people with larger homes or people who spend a lot of time outdoors.


Attractive, compact design leaves other outlet receptacle available
2 12" speaker provides excellent sound
32 selectable codes block interference from outside signals
Select from 6 sound options
Operating range: up to 150 ft.
Two year warranty
This will not work with model RC3730 or RC3733 only with works with the "D" version, see below for the non-d version.