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Way back in 1931, when life was a tad simpler than it is today, a great scientist called Joseph Henry decided that the visitors coming to his home shouldn’t have to holler their heart out or get sore knuckles, courtesy continual tedious knocking on the large ornate wooden door, to inform him about their arrival. So he invented what was the first electric doorbell a smart yet efficient device. 177 years later, we pay tribute to him by creating what is the most complete and comprehensive website about doorbells and wireless door chimes. Welcome to doorbellfaq.com, the unofficial doorbell encyclopedia. Doorbellfaq.com is not an ordinary frequently asked questions list that you would find on every other website. It is an attempt to create the most enormous database of information about doorbells, door chimes and wireless doorbells.

From designs to models to functionalities to prices to brands to installation techniques to tips for buyers, we have all the information that you need. Whether you are looking to purchase a new doorbell for your home or are looking for quality information on doorbells and chimes, we have everything to satisfy you.

We all know how significant a role the doorbell plays in our everyday lives. Picture a day without the ever so pleasing ding dong chime sound of your doorbell. You could have everyone from your next door neighbor to the FedEx delivery agent knocking their fists off on the door. Believe me, the customary ‘ding dong’ or your favorite melody is much more pleasant to the ears. Doorbellfaq.com takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the vast and musical world of doorbells.

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